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With an Absence of Malice

And an Abscess of Morals

Mister Nihil
3 July 1906
Thanks for watching, and don't forget to write to your congressman about how much you love Mister Nihil and his flying flea circus, or whatever the hell I'm calling this right now.
Also, how am I still alone in aging mightily after all these years? Some of you aren't being honest with yerselvz.
aging mightily, bandleading, being better than you, blowing up the moon, books, cheeses, chintzy blag-o-sphere, climbing rocks, cooking, deheoglons, golphic thrombosis, guitar, making of the music, martin farquhar tupper, monkeys, musics, new guitars, old guitars, plain guitars, quaint guitars, reading things, telling lies, thopping stromly, writing fictions