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Louis Jordan is The Best.  
12:12am 22/04/2011
Mister Nihil
Reet, Petite and Gone(1947) is amazing.
It is a life changing experience. It is a film worth watching. Go, watch it now.
While being merely a framing sequence for a string of Louis Jordan hits, it has so far managed to both include an impressive laundry-list of plots used in every sitcom from about 1982-1995, and also to move at a snail's pace.
After each song, they introduce another plot twist which is also framed with long stretches of silence as the actors stare blankly past the camera and do an amazing impression of a person waiting for a person off-screen to point at them and say "now." It has a fractal effect, with songs and plot twists in a tessellation of filler.
So far, there is a fake will, a con man, a second generation who look exactly like the previous, a contest, a fake twin, a fat sidekick, a skinny sidekick, a dead father, unrequited love, two (two!) big broadway shows, both in jeopardy, a butler (who gives every indication of evincing guilt before the end), a long-lost-love, an impressively crooked lawyer, a letter with a time-limit that spells a last-minute reprieve, Special Guest Stars and characters you have never seen before but are expected to identify with absolutely no introduction, and whose identities are key to the plot. It has also provided the blandest cheesecake shot I have ever seen, and now proceeds to be a retelling of Cinderella with measurements standing in for the slipper and one of the two jeopardized broadway shows standing in for the ball.
All, half an hour in.
Half an hour into an agonizingly slow movie, in fact.
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01:40am 22/04/2011 (UTC)
Mister Nihil
Second half: better than the first.
There's a football player (The great Chicago Cardinal, Joe Lillard) guest-starring, a show in Super Jeopardy, the cooked lawyer who admits to scamming charities, and musical numbers with the flimsiest of segues. This is an incomparably great film.
Is it just the inclusion of the remarkably Louis Jordan? I'm sure that doesn't hurt, but this is an amazing ensemble piece. And it really, really drags. Any time the music stops, the plots start happening hot and thick, and they only stop for long periods as people walk to their marks and then stop.
I can see, looking back at this, where you might think I am being a bit insincere. I am not. This movie is amazing. You should- no, you really must watch this movie.
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