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I fear  
01:42pm 10/02/2011
Mister Nihil
 I fear that, over the phone, I come across as a person who will take "No" as a personal attack. Frankly, I'd rather have an honest No than a blatantly false Yes. 
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(no subject)
03:14am 12/02/2011 (UTC)
"Say no to a false yes." (Lame bumperstickers aside, i do concur with you...)
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Is It Funny?
05:58pm 22/02/2011 (UTC)
Mister Nihil
I got the same spam post here twice. I deleted it twice. It shows up to me as a bunch of broken HTML crap. I know, I know, I'm all, talking about not being a hard-ass or something, but seriously. Broken HTML? What lousy spam. There. I said it.
Lousy. Spam.
Teh 3ndz.
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