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A History Lesion  
03:51pm 01/02/2011
Mister Nihil

Inventer of Social Networking, Samuel "FB" Morse.

Inarguably the least-known Hanson brother, John, but the one who wrote their Liberia of songs.

Before he changed his name to Muhammad Ali, and, very likely, before he mastered the bee-sting, butterfly-float business.

Inventer of, ironically enough, loose corn.

Official mascot of unknown secret societies, "John" Mason.

I'm not even going to make a joke about the Honorable Bishop Philander Chase.

Nor will I make a joke about exactly what an Ethan Allen as imagined by Hitchcock might be.

Dead people have funny names.
So, nyah.
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09:55pm 01/02/2011 (UTC)
Mister Nihil
PS, in case you give up: Cassius Marcellus Clay and (Thomas) Howell Cobb.
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10:10pm 01/02/2011 (UTC)
Mister Nihil: Ill at Ease
This one is kind of cheating, until you sniff out that F is for Francis, and B is for Brockholst, and that Francis Brockholst Cutting was a guy who tried out politics, decided he didn't like it much, and is buried in Brooklyn.
But that doesn't make the idea of his being a FB Cutting much funnier, or less so, really. He's just another daguerreotype of a guy named FB.
picword: Ill at Ease
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