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The Interview Process  
01:10pm 26/08/2010
Mister Nihil
"Can you tell us a time when you provided excellent customer service?"
"Certainly. I worked, briefly, as a legal assistant to a defense attorney. He was a high-profile attorney, whose name, of course, I cannot mention."
"I see here on your resume, it is John Jimson?"
"That is correct, yes. Well, I participated in a negotiation. One of our clients was accused of nineteen counts of capital murder, serially shooting policemen in the face, I believe."
"I remember that one. The Police Face Shooter, they called him in the Statesman."
"That is a slur, and one we never appreciated, but yes. That was our client. I participated in the negotiation."
"The stories sort of disappeared. I never heard what happened to him. Is he in prison?"
"Prison? No. They don't usually give prison terms for three counts of parking further than 18 inches from a curb."
"What do three parking tickets have to do with nineteen counts of capital murder?"
"I provide excellent customer service."
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