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I Listen to the Podcast Electric  
06:20pm 29/07/2010
Mister Nihil
 I get the NPR "Hourly" news summary every day, the one that says it posts at 7AM, but actually posts at some earlier time. This is not the problem. I make the effort to listen to them daily, but sometimes, especially when I have 32 hours of work-training, I get behind. This is also not the problem.
The problem is, I just got around to the one from last Friday. It starts with the pre-recorded bit about "This podcast is brought to you by..." I have electively eliminated the specific name of the specific group, because, y'know, they didn't pay me to say their name. That guy sounds way, way too happy to be saying that before any other human says "Daniel Schorr has died."
That's the problem.
The problem, as it so often is, is that disgusting quality that permeates pure, unbridled commercialism.
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