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What The Heck Am I Up To?  
12:58pm 26/07/2010
Mister Nihil
A List! A Veritable List!
1). I'm taking the 32 hour TMCEC New Clerk Training, a training pogrom aimed at helping New Clerks Not Be Dumb.
2). I'm realizing just how tasty Seaport Coffee really is, by refilling my spent cup with Staaahhhhrbuuuxxxxxx Drippy Black Coffee (tm).
3). I'm waiting on pins +/- needles to hear rough mixes of GoodLazySystem's recording projex this weekend. 8 Songs!
4). I'm excited at the prospect of watching two (two!!!) movies this weekend.

Wow! Four Things! Beat that, Daniel Schorr.

Oh wait. Man. I was all excited for a minute, too. Goodbye Daniel Schorr. Flights of angels or something. They'll get the quote right before it airs. Man. Carl Kassell in semi-retirement and Daniel Schorr in perpetual. Why do I listen to NPR news any more?
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08:38pm 26/07/2010 (UTC)
Why, indeed?
Which movies, pray tell?
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08:54pm 26/07/2010 (UTC)
Also, happy b-day to Seth on Wednesday (28th). Will gaming be involved?
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