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Because It's Saturday, Children.  
11:02am 24/07/2010
Mister Nihil
 The abhorrent elders idle achingly, as barrista blues bare clamorous creamy chambers of dolorous dollops of dew, erstwhile elevated assiduous, airily, even, flagrantly flopped-forward gems germinating great gleaming guffaws 'aughtily 'opscotched hever 'omeward, icing the icky existence of jolly, jellied geographers, jumping jailward knowing knightly the knearness to knaughtiness they knever kcould igknore, the lamebrained lamppost of a loser who loves his liberal libation moans mortally, "maybe, next I'll need nutrition never agaiN," but the awfully omniscient patrons peruse his piss-up, questioning his quest to quell this rambunctious round of requirement, sent skittering across the sounds of the slacklash slinger of silly topped-up-tall-venti-toff-drink trios of triglycerides, toffee and unguent, verily wound-up and pitched extraordinarily xeliciously toward his coffee-zealot cake hole.
location: singesetaugures
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04:06pm 24/07/2010 (UTC)
Mister Nihil
I also had to look up "le singe duperie," which means "The Monkey Deception." Hee hee.
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10:51pm 24/07/2010 (UTC)
Absolutely, Totally Zany
(and cool)
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02:22am 26/07/2010 (UTC)
Igobue U. Gowique
Ah, but can deceptively elegant funny games hide intentions just kinda ludicrous? Mais non! Or perhaps quibbling ribaldry seeks total, unearned veracity with xenolinguistic youths' zeitgeist?

Zounds! Your xerographic wit vastly underestimates some readers' quick perception of normal modal language, kiddo. Jump into higher gear, forge every delirious clause better anon!
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