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Out of Context, but Within the Grasp of Human Understanding  
12:06pm 20/07/2010
Mister Nihil
My metaphors badly strained a tendon at the gym, trying out a new exercise. The weight wasn't so bad, but the range of motion was unaccustomed and something just popped. My metaphors managed to lay off for most of two weeks, but the siren song of exercise pulled them back, and although they kept to the treadmill and the small end of the freeweights at first, after three days they were back on that damned machine, and it was just crack, arg, pop, and the muscle rolled up like the projector screen during the good parts of Grodie Bugs Eating Grodier Bugs in 4th Grade Biology & my metaphors were off that limb, possibly for the rest of their lives, but not before a long and costly series of horribly painful operations. That'll show 'em. 
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