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Zero Gravitas  
04:04pm 14/07/2010
Mister Nihil
 Please, allow me to indulge for a moment.

Yuck. Seriously? Yuck. I wish I had the permission, the hutzpah or the occasion to go into further detail, but the point is, yuck. Yuck as yuck ever yucked the yuck. The metaphorical taste that is left in my metaphorical mouth is, to coin a phrase, really unpleasant. How can you see that kind of thing in print and not just entirely give up? When the CEO of a corporation turns his attentions to his mail-room and says, "Those guys suck at sorting mail," those guys are likely to stop sorting his mail, right? I mean, because they understand that the kind of thing that you are looking at when you say a thing like that is not the kind of thing you intend to continue employing, I'm just saying.

That is all.
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09:04pm 14/07/2010 (UTC)
Mister Nihil
New Smurf Userpic. Yay!
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