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Correctness and Figs  
03:27pm 12/07/2010
Mister Nihil
The Right Fig tastes of honey.
The right fig spreads like frozen gazes across a balance beam
The right fig is unrecognizable as a fig, and unmistakable as anything else

The proper fig is the fig before me.
The proper fig is ripe and precious and fungible
The proper fig is unprepared for its fate and destined for no other
The proper fig despairs only in time and becomes only what is tasty and necessary

The Fig of Knowledge brings Adam and Eve to their knees before they discover apples in the Nordlands.
The Fig of Beauty takes its cues from none but the victor.
The Fig of Peace will kick you down the stairs as soon as look at you.
The FIg of Necessity is just glad to be around.
The Fig of Nascence will explain your mistake with patience and joy and light and will give you time to think.

When churns the eternal battle between figs and dates,
No person may lose.
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I Love the InterKnuckleHeads
08:40pm 12/07/2010 (UTC)
Mister Nihil
According to IWriteLike, This post is like Vladimir Nabokov. Because, you know, Nabokov and Figs, right?
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