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On Five-One-Two Day, Rush Said Something Meaningful  
05:22pm 14/05/2010
Mister Nihil
"I hated being a kid. Don’t forget that, Snerdley. I hated being a kid, and I didn’t want to do anything that was identified with being a kid..."
"...One of my favorite cartoons was The Wacky Races... Oh, yeah, The Wacky Races and the Road Runner and the Coyote, but I didn’t read comic books..."

It just says so much about a guy, really. I mean, that speaks volumes.
Rush despises youth. Rush likes Roadrunner cartoons.
I had something more to say on the subject, but I'm afraid that really says it all.

Also, those two are kind of out of context. I don't mean to pull some kind of "you didn't want to be a kid? Well cartoons are kid stuff! Burn, sucka!" thing. There's a whole bit between the two about why he despises youth, and why the most beautiful thing in the universe is abhorrent to him, and actually segues nicely, via a soul-destroying frozen dinner, into cartoons. The cartoon thing is actually sort of a Full Disclosure. After admitting to reading a few pages of a Superman comic and comparing it to the aforementioned soul-suctioning-food and to one of his Hated Nemeses, Clutch Cargo, this is Rush admitting, probably at Snerdley's suggestion, that he enjoyed Wacky Races.
And Roadrunner, for goodness' sake.
That's all.
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